The Big Picture

Thoughts on Code Documentation

Over the past few months, I’ve worked on a rather big project: the, one of Russia’s leading online stores, iOS app. What’s even more important than its size is the fact that the app is constantly evolving—both on the inside and the outside. With hundreds of commits added to the trunk branch weekly, one […]


Strictly Typed UserDefaults with Property Wrappers

At last year’s WWDC, Apple introduced Swift 5.1 which features property wrappers. Property wrappers aim to reduce the amount of boilerplate code you have to write for accomplishing common tasks. One of such tasks is accessing values stored in UserDefaults. In fact, it’s one of the most common use cases for property wrappers: it was […]


Remote Images in SwiftUI

SwiftUI introduced an entirely new approach toward user interface design and composition. Although not quite suited for use in projects with huge user bases yet (since it only supports Apple’s latest OS releases), SwiftUI is great for small features that users with older operating systems can live without. Besides, using the new framework in minor […]